Here you’ll find some examples for published research in each of our main research topics. For more, visit Selected Publications and All Publication pages.

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Nonlinear Optics

LBO in OvenNonlinear optics deals with converting laser with one color to another. Our research shows advanced ways to get these frequency conversions, but also shape the emitted light’s parameters.

See the following publications for example:


  • Ady Arie and Noa Voloch, “Periodic, quasi-periodic, and random quadratic nonlinear photonic crystals”, Laser and Photonics Reviews 4, 355–373 (2010).pdf file
  • T. Ellenbogen, N. Voloch-Bloch, A. Ganany-Padowicz and A. Arie, “Nonlinear generation and manipulation of Airy beams”, Nature Photonics 3, 395-398 (2009).pdf file
  • R. Lifshitz, A. Arie and A. Bahabad, “Photonic quasicrystals for general purpose nonlinear optical frequency conversion”, Physical Review Letters 95 133901 (2005).(pdf File)

Electron Optics

TEM with maskElectrons have mass and charge, but they still exhibit wave phenomena like interference. In our research we study electron-matter-light interactions as well as creating ways to sculpture the quantum wave-function of electrons.

For examples, see the following publications:


  • Noa Voloch-Bloch, Yossi Lereah, Yigal Lilach, Avraham Gover and Ady Arie, “Generation of electron Airy beams”, Nature 494, 331-335 (2013). link
  • Roy Shiloh, Yuval Tsur, Roei Remez, Yossi Lereah, Boris A. Malomed, Vladlen Shvedov, Cyril Hnatovsky, Wieslaw Krolikowski and Ady Arie , “Unveiling the orbital angular momentum and acceleration of electron beams”, Physical Review Letters 114, 096102 (2015). link
  • Roy Shiloh, Yossi Lereah, Yigal lilach and Ady Arie, “Sculpturing the electron wave-function using nanoscale phase masks”, Ultramicroscopy 144, 26-31 (2014). link


LPR-HG01-PlasmonsSurface Plasmons Polaritons are electro-magnetic waves that propagate on a surface of a metal, and exhibit special qualities. We study how these waves can be manipulated in useful ways.

For a short description of a research for example, see Coupling of Surface Plasmons Polaritons in Quasiperiodic Gratings, or see the following publications:


  • Itai Epstein, Yuval Tsur and Ady Arie, “Surface plasmons wavefront and spectral shaping by near field holography”, Lasers and Photonics Reviews, 10, 360-381 (2016). (pdf)
  • Itai Epstein and Ady Arie, “Arbitrary Bending Plasmonic Light Waves”, Physical Review Letters 112, 023903 (2014). (pdf)
  • Ido Dolev, Itai Epstein and Ady Arie, “Surface plasmons holographic beam shaping”, Physical Review Letters, 109, 203903 (2012).(pdf)

Other Topics

Our research also includes shaped water waves, particle manipulation using laser beams, super oscillations, accelerating beams and more. Read a short description about Nonlinear converter – narrower than you would expect, the Airy beam laser, or see the following publications:

  • Shenhe Fu, Yuval Tsur, Jianying Zhou, Lev Shemer and Ady Arie, “Propagation dynamics of non-spreading Cosine-Gauss water wave pulses”, Physical Review Letters 115, 254501 (2015). link
  • Roei Remez and Ady Arie, “Super-narrow frequency conversion”, Optica, 2, 472-475 (2015). (PDF)

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