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PIV-based study of the algae nutrient supply model


IMG_1648[22457]Meiron Zollman is guiding a couple of youngsters from the excellent program of 9th-grade students from the Alpha program – a research program for gifted students operated by TAU through Tel Aviv Youth University. We prepared them a nice Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) demo. An open source PIV software (OpenPIV) is going to help them to understand the scientific side and importance of math and engineering. 




So what did we get from this experiment?




Congratulations to Ben and Yoav for the publication in Nonlinear Dynamics

The main kudos here goes to Ben Torteman who together with Yoav Kessler and under the guidance of Prof. Slava Krylov solved one of the long-standing problems of high-frequency driving of bistable beams using nothing but an alternating current. What we thought is impossible, became a reality.

You can also watch a video from one of our group presentations

Noam and Roman presented their drone with a moth-inspired navigation algorithm

ScreenClipNoam and Roman have presented a poster of their final project – a moth-inspired navigation algorithm implemented on a drone. The basic idea is to implement the algorithm previously published by the group for a drone odor-based navigation. Noam also wrote a computational simulator that provides us with a framework to select the most optimal navigator strategy, see here 



Scientific Reports paper is out in press. Congratulations to Ron Shnapp

Extended 3D-PTV for real-time Lagrangian flow measurements and particle tracking statistics

And many thanks to Sabrina, Meny, Grisha and everyone who helped this project – it was a very difficult experiment and we succeeded. 

The paper should change the future of experimental turbulence research, at least so we believe.


Yes, we can!  Ron Shnapp