Alex Liberzon


Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Head of the Undergraduate Program of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University


Wolfson Building, #316
School of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel: +972-(0)3-640-8928
Lab: +972-(0)3-640-6860

 Short bio: 

Alex has joined the School of Mechanical Engineering in 2006, after the postdoc at the Institute of Hydrodynamics at ETH Zurich and after Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Technion (2003).

The research interests are related to experimental fluid dynamics, with the special focus on turbulent flows. More specifically, the major goal is to understand the subtle changes of turbulence structure in the flows with external influences or additives, e.g. stratification, two-phase particle-laden flows, dilute polymers, etc. In addition, Alex is promoting the open source software and open science. Additional research topics outside of small scale turbulence are in the fields of complex (pulsating, unsteady) flows in biology and medicine.


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