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Unsteady air flow cooling of electronic devices

M.Sc. thesis of David Altura

This research shows that we can improve the fan-heat-sink cooling system performance in two aspects:

  1. Increasing convective heat transfer and,
  2. Maximizing the coefficient of performance (COP) by applying an unsteady but controlled fan operation.

The presentation gives some highlights of this research: PDF

Final year project of Maya Beckerman

Cooling of PC using unsteady convective heat transfer

We have transparent PC case with installed air flow ventilation, see the images:

The project is experimental:

  • Make the air cooling system working with an external controller that enables to turn on/off any combination of the air flow ventilators
  • Make flow visualization with smoke or aerosols
  • Measure the flow in the case
  • Analyse and propose for an optimal configuration of air fans.

New slideshow:

Maya’s poster PDF