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Lilly Verso

Lilly Verso was first our guest from Polytechnico Di Torino. He’s working on his masters degree project at the laboratory of Prof. Daniela Tordella and visits the Alex Liberzon Laboratory under the IAESTE students exchange program.

He successfully graduated in July 2013 and joined the lab as a Ph. D. student in 2014. On June 2015 he was assigned as the Ph.D. candidacy exam.

Lilly’s main interest is the turbulent entrainment across stratified layers. Initially, he studied the internal structures and the mechanism of generation and growth of the turbulent patches in the oceans. Recently he developed a steady-state two layers stratified system, in which he can investigate the Lagrangian dynamics of particles crossing a density interface. To support his study, Lilly performs laboratory experiments by using several advanced experimental techniques such as PIV, PLIF, Schlieren, BOS and 3Dptv.

With Alex’s rich experience in the field and Lilly’s ambition to keep investigating/learning, they are pushing the limits and finding new ways to uncover more of the turbulent entrainment in stable stratifications.

Some of his observations can be seen here:

Snapshot of ethanol injected in water obtained through Schlieren technique.

[Movie here] Schlieren visualisation of filaments fluid entrained from quiescent heavy layer into a turbulent upper layer.

[Movie here] Study of the turbulent entrainment through a sharp turbulent/non-turbulent interface in a stratified stable two-layer system with the bottom denser fluid at rest and the top layer mixed by an oscillating grid.


Lilly Verso
Ph.D student
Lab: +972-3-6406860 
E-mail: or


Verso L., Liberzon A (2015): Background Oriented Schlieren in a density stratified fuid . Rev.Sci.Instrument.86


OpenPiv-BOS (Background Oriented Schlieren) for a stratified liquid case. Visit:


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