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Ron Shnapp

Ron Shnapp started as a research assistant working on the resuspension of particles from smooth and rough walls under an oscillating grid generated turbulent flow, together with Yosef Meller. He continued as a Master student (M.Sc.) on a direct path and recently started his direct Ph.D. program. The thesis is on particles in turbulent flows in urban canopy boundary layer models, performed at and jointly with the Environmental Wind tunnel group of the Israel Institute of Biological Research. 

Among recent publications: 

A comparative study and a mechanistic picture of resuspension of large particles from rough and smooth surfaces in vortex-like fluid flows.Shnapp, R.; and Liberzon, A. Chemical Engineering Science, 131: 129-137. 7 2015.  

Turbulence statistics of canopy-flows using novel Lagrangian measurements within an environmental wind tunnel, Physmod 2017 – International Workshop on Physical Modelling of Flow and Dispersion Phenomena Dynamics of Urban and Coastal Atmosphere – LHEEA – École Centrale de Nantes – France 23 – 25 August 2017 [PDF]

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