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Hadar Traugott


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Hadar has graduated with M.Sc. from our lab and after a couple of years of research in the Dead Sea Corporations, she’s back for her Ph.D. on the bio-refinery and macro-algae growth in the open sea project, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Golberg from the Porter School of Environmental Engineering Hadar is a proud awardee of the Boris Mints Institute scholarship.

Hadar Traugott M.Sc. thesis was the resuspension of solid particles in turbulent environment. Turbulent flow picks up the solid particles lying on the bottom with and without mean flow (or mean shear). This aspect was not known as good as the resuspension in fixed or moving beds of flowing channels. The question whether different mechanisms of resuspension are observable experimentally.


Hadar Traugott has won the first prize at the Israel Mechanical Engineering Society 2012 symposium for the outstanding student presentation. The presentation is attached

Hadar also received the Dean’s award for the outstanding achievements during M.Sc. studies. Her work has been presented at:

  • ETC 13 conference, see the link to the publication:

H. Traugott, T. Hayse and A. LIberzon, “Resuspension of particles in an oscillating grid turbulent flow using PIV and 3D-PTV.” Journal of physics: Conference Series, volume 318: 052021 (2011).


Experimental setup – an oscillating grid

A video clip that shows 4 camera views of the resuspension events.

3D trajectory of a lifted particle from the moment of pick-up and to the full resuspension.