Noam Benelli

Noam Benelli Noam Benelli is our research assistant, a 4th-year undergrad at the Mechanical Engineering. Noam is working on an exciting simulation of unmanned airborne self-propelled vehicles (a sort of UAV) that navigate and search for a source of a scalar in a turbulent plume. This work started with some idea of a possible way male moths navigate to females, studied in research of Yftach Golov at the Volcani Center wind tunnel. Noam started with the model and developed it using some ideas from our recent publication in PLoS One.  


You can follow now the link to the new open source computational framework for bio-inspired navigation strategies, called MothPy 

Alex Liberzon

My research topics are: experimental fluid mechanics and turbulence My method is: open source and open science My goal is: help to solve engineering and physical problems that are inherently based on fluid mechanics