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New MEMS flow sensors

Our laboratory, together with the Microsystems Design and Characterization Laboratory of Prof. Slava Krylov works on a new line of ...
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Two-phase particle-laden turbulent flow in a 2D rocket engine model

Sabrina Kalenko studies the two-phase particle-laden turbulent flow in a 2D rocket engine. The main questions relate to the turbulence increase/decrease due ...
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Bio-inspired navigation strategies in turbulent plumes

Jointly with Roi Gurka, Ally Harari (Volcani Center)and Gregory Zilman we developed a concept of bio-inspired navigation in turbulent plumes.  We ...
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Turbulent flows for the offshore macroalgae biorefinery

Our group collaborates with Dr. Alexander Golberg group from the Porter School of Environmental Studies on the marine biorefinery idea:  ...
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Fluid flow wakes are the hydrodynamic signatures left by a moving body or carried by a fluid passing a body ...
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Turbulent canopy flow in an environmental wind tunnel

   Urbanization shifts the population to a large exposure to air pollution in cities. Environmental wind tunnel at the Israeli ...
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Electro-rheological fluids flow in microchannels

Electro-rheological fluids (ERF) are suspensions of solid particles in a dielectric fluid [Wikipedia]. Lior Chertkow established a micro shadowgraphy PIV research ...
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Entrainment process in stably stratified flows

Turbulent patch in stratified environment it's a model of strong episodic turbulent events that are present in oceanic and atmospheric ...
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Unsteady air flow cooling of electronic devices

M.Sc. thesis of David Altura This research shows that we can improve the fan-heat-sink cooling system performance in two aspects: ...
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Pulsating flows in compliant tubes

The pulsating flows in compliant pipes is very complex system in which the flow is unsteady, inhomogeneous and strongly and ...
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