Asa Schneider created PIV as a Service

Asa Schneider completed his Master of Engineering project – an open-source platform for the Particle Image Velocimetry as a Service. Software as a Service (Saas) is now everywhere and we decided that some open source software for fluid flow velocity measurements should be available also as a service. In short, no installation, just in-browser PIV. Look here for the prototype (alpha)


Congratulations to Lior Chertkow on successful MSc thesis defense

Lior has recently submitted his thesis on the “Electro-rheological fluid flows in a rectangular micro-channel” and defended it successfully. The final version of the thesis has been sent to the Graduate School. The thesis is available upon request from our lab, before it will reach the library. We are planning to publish some of Lior’s work, together with Daniel Friedman who continues the data analysis.

European Turbulence Conference 2019 (ETC17)


See the program – we present 3 recent studies: Sabrina with particle-turbulence interactions in accelerating flows, Ron with the urban canopy study and Alex shows Lilly’s experiments on the inertial particles crossing density interfaces (and chair a session on stratified flows). 


Ron and Sabrina gave two great lectures and a lot of positive and insightful feedback. We look forward to the new collaborations and research questions. 


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