Dr. Sergei Kosulnikov

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tel.: +972 3 640 9242

Email: sergeik’at’mail.tau.ac.il

Work address (office): 
RF Lab, Wolfson 336, 
Electrical Engineering Department
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Date of birth: 27 March 1989






Dates: 2013-2017
Name of Organization: Aalto University, Finland & ITMO University, Russia (joint supervision program)
Degree: Doctor of Science (Technology)
Thesis: Wire media for broadband enhancement of radiation and power transfer
Supervisors: Prof. Constantin Simovski and Prof. Pavel Belov

Dates: 2011-2013
Name of Organization: ITMO University, Russia
Degree: M.Sc.
Thesis: Optimal filling factor of nanorod lenses for subwavelength imaging
Supervisor: Prof. Pavel Belov

Dates: 2007-2011
Name of Organization: ITMO University
Degree: B.Sc.



Dates: 2018 – PRESENT 
Job Description: Postdoctoral Fellow
Name of Organization: Tel Aviv University

Dates: 2017 – 2018 
Job Description: Research fellow
Name of Organization: ITMO University, Russia

Dates: 2013 – 2017 
Job Description: Research engineer
Name of Organization: ITMO University, Russia

Dates: 2011 – 2013 
Job Description: Engineer
Name of Organization: ITMO University, Russia

Dates: 2009 – 2011 
Job Description: Laboratory assistant
Name of Organization: ITMO University, Russia