Vitali Kozlov


Tel. (office): +972 3 640 9242

Email: vitaliko'at'

Work address (office): 
RF Lab, Wolfson 336,
Electrical Engineering Department
Tel Aviv University, Israel


Dates: 2014-Present
Name of Organization: Tel Aviv University
Degree: MSc Electrical Engineering with Specialization in electro-optics.

Dates: 2010-2014
Name of Organization: Tel Aviv University
Degree: BSc in Physics, Bsc in Electrical Engineering


Dates: 2013-present
Name of Organization: Tel Aviv University
Job Description: TA

Dates: 2009-2012
Name of Organization: eToro
Job Description: Senior Account Manager

  1. arXiv 1608.05980Asymmetric Backscattering from the Hybrid Magneto-Electric Meta Particle

    Vitali Kozlov, Dmitry Filonov, Alexander S. Shalin, Ben Z. Steinberg, Pavel Ginzburg

    arXiv: 1608.05980

    Link: arXiv: 1608.05980

    Download PDF:  arXiv 1608.05980

  2. arXiv 1606.02163Micro-Doppler Frequency Comb Generation by Axially Rotating Scatterers

    Vitali Kozlov, Dmitrii Filonov, Yefim Yankelevich, Pavel Ginzburg

    arXiv: 1606.02163

    Link: arXiv:1606.02163

    Download PDF: arXiv 1606.02163

  3. arXiv 1607.06505Resonant Meta-atoms with Nonlinearities on Demand

    Dmitry Filonov, Yotam Kramer, Vitali Kozlov, Boris A. Malomed, Pavel Ginzburg

    Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 111904 (2016)

    Link: aAppl. Phys. Lett. 109, 111904 (2016)

    Download PDF: Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 111904 (2016)