In this lab, students experience:

1. Programming in Java.

2. Using computer sensors (dongles).

3. Using the Android sensors.

1. The students carry an existing application that displays a char that is plucked on the Android screen to an appropriate mark on the mobile robot screen for the application used to drive the mobile robot.

The purpose of this task is to show students that without prior knowledge and only with common sense and common sense, existing applications that perform a particular task can be converted to a completely different task.

2. The students write a new application, including a user interface by which a mobile robot is moved using Bluetooth receivers and transmitters.

3. The students write a new application, which displays on the tablet screen the values ​​of the 3 accelerometers of the device.

This application was written to show that the tablet, in addition to being a computer, can be used as a controller capable of receiving information from different sensors.

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