2017 Projects - semester1

A robot that prepares sushi to order, after receiving the order by tablet -UAD-
מערכת בקרת איכות אוטומטית המשלבת רובוט נייח המבצע סיווג בעזרת מערכת ראייה ממוחשבת, ורובולגו המופעל בעזרת חיישן שמיעה.
A trivia contest between two players. each player navigates his/her RoboLego through colored spots across the game board. each color represent a different category. The color sesnsor of the Robolego detects the color, and the player can answer a question in the appropriate category. The player must answer at east 10 questions, and at least once in each category. it is not possible to answer questi
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