Hysitron PI 95 Transmission Electron Microscope PicoIndenter from Bruker

26166440_10155899940818476_1759079825886664874_nQuantitative, direct-observation, nanomechanical testing inside TEM.


The PI 95 is a designated transmission electron microscope (TEM) holder, capable of applying nanoscale deformations while directly observing inside the microscope. The instrument combines the image of the mechanical response with the analytical data, in form of load-displacement data. Further, an integrated video interface allows for time synchronization between the load-displacement curve and the corresponding TEM video. The indenter is equipped with an Electrical Characterization Module (ECM) flat conductive tip capable for both mechanical and electrical measurements. PI 95 is useful for investigating material’s properties while correlating them to its nanoscale structure.

Several modes of mechanical tests are possible, such as pillar and particle compression, nanoindentation, cantilever and microbeam bending and tensile utilizing a designated MEMS.