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Synthesis of polymer bead nano-necklaces on aligned carbon nanotube scaffolds

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Nanotechnology 28 (24), 24LT01
Room Temperature Resistive Volatile Organic Compound Sensing Materials Based on a Hybrid Structure of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes and Conformal o…

X Wang, A Ugur, H Goktas, N Chen, M Wang, N Lachman, …
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Hierarchical carbon nanotube carbon fiber unidirectional composites with preserved tensile and interfacial properties

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Electromagnetic scattering from multiple Carbon Nanotubes with experimentally determined shapes and distributions

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Radio Science Meeting (Joint with AP-S Symposium), 2015 USNC-URSI, 28-28
The Evolution of Carbon Nanotube Network Structure in Unidirectional Nanocomposites Resolved by Quantitative Electron Tomography

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In Situ Electrochemical Porosimetry of Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Carpets through Impedance Spectroscopy

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Aligned CNT composites: Quantitative analysis by TEM tomography

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Impact of carbon nanotube length on electron transport in aligned carbon nanotube networks

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Advanced asymmetric supercapacitor based on conducting polymer and aligned carbon nanotubes with controlled nanomorphology

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Tailoring thickness of conformal conducting polymer decorated aligned carbon nanotube electrodes for energy storage

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Exohedral Physisorption of Ambient Moisture Scales Non-Monotonically with Fiber Proximity in Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays

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A high performance hybrid asymmetric supercapacitor via nano-scale morphology control of graphene, conducting polymer, and carbon nanotube electrodes

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Hybrid supercapacitor materials from poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) conformally coated aligned carbon nanotubes

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Nano-Scale Morphology Control of Graphene, Conducting Polymer, and Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for High Performance Energy Storage

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Fracture behavior of nanotube–polymer composites: insights on surface roughness and failure mechanism

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Fracture behavior of carbon nanotube/carbon microfiber hybrid polymer composites

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Electrothermal icing protection of aerosurfaces using conductive polymer nanocomposites

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Application of continuously-monitored single fiber fragmentation tests to carbon nanotube/carbon microfiber hybrid composites

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Interfacial load transfer in carbon nanotube/ceramic microfiber hybrid polymer composites

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Effect of scale and surface chemistry on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes‐based composites

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Electronic and mechanical degradation of oxidized CNTs

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Sensitivity of Carbon Nanotubes to the Storage of Stress in Polymers

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Correlation between interfacial molecular structure and mechanics in CNT/epoxy nano-composites

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Raman response of carbon nanotube/PVA fibers under strain

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